Healing, Flexibility, and Injury Protection

BPC-157 is a synthetic version of Body Protection Compound, a natural healing protein. Animal studies have shown it to enhance wound healing and recovery. It also improves mobility, strength, and flexibility in joints and connective tissue.

The Science

BPC-157 stimulates accelerated wound recovery. It has very powerful healing effects on tendon, ligament, and joint tissue. It also has a strong protective effect on the musculoskeletal tissue, joints, and neurological tissue of performance animals. Further, it has been shown to improve mobility and flexibility in animal studies.

Benefits of BPC-157
  • Accelerated healing from injury and training
  • Rapid tendon and ligament healing
  • Enhanced joint mobility
  • Stronger connective tissue
  • Improved flexibility
  • Protection against injury
  • Body Protection Compound (BPC-157) Proteins (5mg)
How it Works

BPC-157 works by enhancing your animal’s own natural healing processes. It improves angiogenesis (the creation of blood vessels) in wounded areas, improving blood flow and getting vital nutrients to the site of injury. It also increases the activity of critical healing factors, including VEGF. Combined with improved flexibility and mobility, the effects of BPC-157 help your animal to avoid injury, improve their fitness, and perform better in competition.

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