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The Ultimate Healing Supplement

PROHEALIX™ (10mg) is a unique blend of TB-500 (7mg) and BPC-157 (3mg).

PROHEALIX™ is scientifically formulated to promote maximum healing and recovery along with flexibility, joint mobility, and protection against injury in performance animals.

PROHEALIX™ is only available from Thymosin Labs™. 

The Science

PROHEALIX™ is designed to stimulate maximal wound healing and training recovery.

Combining TB-500 and BPC-157 together in ideal ratios provides a powerful synergistic effect that offers the maximum benefit for tissue repair and injury protection.

By providing an optimal blend of both, PROHEALIX™ promotes truly superior outcomes in performance animals.

Benefits of PROHEALIX™
  • Maximized wound healing
  • Maximized training recovery
  • Superior protection against injury
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Improved joint mobility
  • TB-500 + BPC-157 in optimal ratios
  • ONE convenient product
  • Lyophilized powder (vial) or capsule
Ingredients Dosage: 1mg to 2mg daily.
  • Dosages can vary depending on animal size, weight, etc. Only give PROHEALIX™ to your animal as directed by a veterinary professional.

Example Dosage Cycles

How it Works

PROHEALIX™ supercharges your animal's natural healing and regenerative processes, allowing for maximum recovery. Along with an increased rate of angiogenesis (blood vessel production), upregulated actin, and cell migration, there is an increased expression of essential repair factors such as VEGFR2 and EGR-1. Each of these individual natural responses coalesce to promote advanced regeneration and recovery. Faster injured tissue repair often leads to a faster return to an animal's pre-injury strength, mobility, and flexibility.

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