Lean Mass. Advanced Recovery.

NutroHeal™ is a unique blend of MK-677 (12.5mg/capsule) and BPC-157 (200mcg/capsule). It is scientifically formulated to enhance strength, increase lean mass, and improve recovery in performance animals.

Nutroheal™ is only available from Thymosin Labs™.

The Science

NutroHeal promotes lean muscle gain and enhances your animal’s recovery from training and injury. Combining MK-677 and BPC-157 together provides a powerful synergistic effect, enhancing lean muscle development and improving strength while promoting better healing, flexibility, and protection against injury.

Benefits of Thymosin-GFC™
  • Increased lean muscle tissue
  • Improved strength
  • Better recovery from training and injury
  • Tendon and ligament protection
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Improved joint health
  • Stronger bones
  • MK-677 + BPC-157 in optimal ratios
  • Convenient capsule form
  • MK-677; Body Protecting Compound (BPC-157) Proteins
How it Works

NutroHeal works by helping to optimize your animal’s naturally restorative growth hormone and IGF-1 levels. By promoting increased protein synthesis, decreased muscle breakdown, and enhanced muscle cell regeneration, NutroHeal helps to build and preserve lean mass.

At the same time, natural IGF-1 levels promote the enlargement of existing muscle cells (hypertrophy) and the creation of new muscle cells (hyperplasia). Further benefits include enhanced fat metabolism, blood vessel formation, connective tissue strength, and joint health.

And all with simple daily dosing in a convenient capsule form