Example Dosage Cycles

Before starting, it's important to note that effective dosage amounts can vary greatly among individual animals. These amounts are especially influenced by animal size and weight. In other words, larger animals may require higher doses.

The following cycles are provided as general examples to discuss with a veterinary professional; they are not veterinary advice. Only a veterinary professional can determine the appropriate dosage amount and protocol for your individual animal.

Injury Recovery

TB-500 Cycle

This TB500 protocol uses 60mg total (12 x 5mg vials) with a 5 week recovery phase followed by a 2 week maintenance phase.

Recovery Phase (week 1 - week 5)

  • Monday: TB-500 5mg
  • Thursday: TB-500 5mg

Maintenance Phase (week 6 - week 7)

  • Monday: TB-500 5mg

Recovery Phase: In weeks 1 through 5, the total weekly dose of 10mg promotes a favorable concentration of thymosin beta 4 in the animal for optimum healing and recovery. This ensures that satisfactory levels are achieved to attain full recovery benefits.

Maintenance Phase: Week 6 and Week 7 are the maintenance portion of the TB 500 Injury Recovery cycle. Here, one administration of 5mg is given to the animal for the week. Although this example concludes at week 7, the maintenance portion of this protocol can be continued as long as the healing benefits are desired for the animal.

Total Body Repair

TB-500 + BPC-157 Cycle

This protocol uses a total of 60mg TB-500 (12 x 5mg vials) and 30mg BPC-157 (6 x 5mg vials) with a 4 week recovery phase followed by a 4 week maintenance phase. Note that the BPC-157 dosage amounts are in micrograms (mcg).

Recovery Phase (week 1 - week 4)

  • Monday: TB-500 5mg / BPC-157 700mcg
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: BPC-157 700mcg
  • Thursday: TB-500 5mg / BPC-157 700mcg
  • Friday, Saturday & Sunday: BPC-157 700mcg

Maintenance Phase (week 5 - week 8)

  • Monday: TB-500 5mg / BPC-157 350mcg
  • Tuesday - Sunday: BPC-157 350mcg

Recovery Phase: In weeks 1 through 4, the total weekly dose of 10mg TB-500 promotes a buildup of Thymosin Beta-4 in the animal for optimal healing and recovery. The weekly total dose of 4.9mg (4,900mcg) BPC-157 further stimulates recovery and provides added support for the animal's joint, tendon, and ligament healing.

Maintenance Phase: Week 5 begins the maintenance portion of the Total Body Repair cycle with a weekly dose of 5mg TB-500 and a weekly combined dose of 2.45mg (2,450mcg) BPC-157. This continues through week 8. As in the previous example, the maintenance protocol can be continued for the animal as long as the beneficial effects are desired.

Advanced Recovery

PROHEALIX™ + TB-500 Cycle

This protocol utilizes a total of 84mg PROHEALIX™ (9 x 10mg vials) and 40mg TB-500 (8 x 5mg vials). It calls for a larger volume 4 week recovery phase followed by 4 weeks of maintenance dosing.

Recovery Phase (week 1 - week 4)

  • Monday: PROHEALIX™ 2mg / TB-500 5mg
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: PROHEALIX™ 2mg
  • Thursday: PROHEALIX™ 2mg / TB-500 5mg
  • Friday - Sunday: PROHEALIX™ 2mg

Maintenance Phase (week 5 - week 8)

  • Monday - Sunday: PROHEALIX™ 1mg

Recovery Phase: In weeks 1 through 4 of the Advanced Recovery cycle, 10mg of TB 500 is added weekly to daily administration of 2mg PROHEALIX™. This is to stimulate maximum healing results in the animal.

Maintenance Phase: In week 5, PROHEALIX™ is continued at a daily dose of 1mg while the additional TB 500 is stopped. After the recovery phase, maintenance dosing of PROHEALIX™ is intended to sustain recovery and injury-protective effects. Again, maintenance can be continued as long as the effects are desired.